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My name is Charalampos Emmanuil Oikonomidis. Besides the fact that my name makes a cool acronym (CEO), my major claim to fame is that I am the inventor of US Patent 7,668,768 and US Patent 8,041,618 and US Patent 8,229,822.

Based on these three US Patents, I created the start-up that made C2BII, which is the software tool that will revolutionize the world of Financial Analysis. It will enable the average person to process scenarios that previously were beyond the dreams and the capabilities of the world’s best Financial Analyst, with unprecedented accuracy and within an extremely short time frame. The revolution in Financial Analysis calculation capabilities that C2BII is going to bring, is comparable to the one that Visicalc (the world’s first spreadsheet – the granddaddy of Excel) and Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston (its inventors) brought in 1979.

At the moment, my biggest problem is that despite all the amazing and unprecedented things that C2BII can do, it is still the best kept secret of the world of Financial Analysis (and I mean that in a negative way). This blog is intended to inform the world about the highly problematic and inaccurate “state of the art” that the world of Financial Analysis was in, and how C2BII can cure those inaccuracies and solve those previously unsolvable problems.

This blog is structured in a form that almost every new article builds on what has already been discussed and exposed in previously entries. In order to better understand the full message, it is highly recommended that you start reading from the first article and continue forward, because otherwise you might be missing a lot of the information and the justification behind each argument.

Feel free to repost anything that you see in this blog, on the condition that you make a reference to the source, and use a hyperlink that points to it.

Stick around. The revolution has just begun, and it’s going to be a very interesting ride.

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