What is the basis of the method of C2BII? Part 3: Event Type & Impact Group

The “Event Type” is the main guiding tool, thru which forecasts are entered into the system. For set-up purposes, think of “Event Types” as simply a title, under which we will create and associate the elements of the next level.

The “Impact Groups” represent the ledger entries (Accounting and Warehouse Item) that are needed to depict the transaction according to the rules of “Accounting 101”. Each “Impact Group” contains information about :

  • the value that will be handled by it, in most cases expressed as a percentage of the sum of the value of the entry
  • whether it is debit or credit
  • its “Time Orientation” (whether it is a concentrated monthly entry, or a weekly entry etc), that determines the number of “Analytical Lines” under that specific “Impact Group”
  • info about the date, on which the “Analytical Lines”  are expected to occur
  • plus other relevant info.

On the basis of the previous example, the “Event Type – Impact Groups” structure will look like this:

The way that the two structures relate to each other is the following:

Stick around, as we are going to see the third and final level, which is the “Analytical Lines”.

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